Understanding Off-the-Plan Conveyancing Process

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Dreaming of a brand new property but construction hasn’t even begun? Off-the-plan buying offers exciting possibilities, but the conveyancing process can be unique. This guide will break down the steps involved in off-the-plan conveyancing, ensuring you navigate the journey smoothly and confidently.

What is Off-the-Plan Buying?

Off-the-plan buying refers to purchasing a property that has not yet been built. This approach has gained popularity in Queensland (QLD) due to the potential for securing a new home or investment property at today’s prices, even though the actual property will be completed in the future. Understanding the off-the-plan conveyancing process is crucial for prospective buyers to make informed decisions.

The Off-the-Plan Buying Process

  1. Research and Selection: Begin by researching available projects in your preferred location. Developers typically provide detailed plans, artist impressions, and property specifications. Thoroughly review these materials to understand what you are purchasing.
  2. Contract Signing: Once you decide to proceed, you will sign a contract of sale. This contract should include all details about the property, such as floor plans, completion dates, and any included fixtures and fittings. In QLD, buyers are typically entitled to a cooling-off period of five business days after signing the contract.
  3. Deposit Payment: Upon signing the contract, a deposit, usually around 10% of the purchase price, is required. This deposit is held in a trust account until settlement.
  4. Finance Approval: Securing finance for an off-the-plan purchase can be different from traditional home loans. Lenders may have specific requirements, and it’s advisable to get pre-approval before signing the contract. Keep in mind that the final loan approval will be contingent upon the property’s completion and valuation.
  5. Construction Phase: During the construction phase, developers typically provide updates on the progress. Buyers should stay in regular contact with the developer to ensure everything is on track.
  6. Final Inspection and Settlement: Upon completion, a final inspection is conducted to ensure the property meets the agreed specifications. Settlement occurs once the property is ready, and the final payment is made, transferring ownership to the buyer.

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Legal Considerations in QLD

In Queensland, off-the-plan contracts must comply with specific legal requirements to protect buyers. The contract should clearly outline the property details, completion dates, and potential variations. Additionally, it must include a sunset clause specifying the latest date by which the property must be completed. If the project is not finished by this date, buyers may have the option to terminate the contract and receive a full refund of their deposit.

Benefits and Risks

Buying off the plan offers several benefits, such as locking in the purchase price and the potential for property value appreciation. However, it also carries risks, including construction delays, changes in market conditions, and the final product not meeting expectations. Conducting thorough due diligence and seeking professional advice can help mitigate these risks.


Understanding the off-the-plan conveyancing process is essential for anyone considering this type of property purchase in Queensland. Buyers can make confident decisions by thoroughly researching, seeking professional advice, and staying informed about recent regulatory changes and potentially secure a valuable investment. Always ensure that you understand all aspects of the contract and maintain communication with all parties involved throughout the buying process.

With the right preparation and knowledge, buying off the plan can be a rewarding experience. It can offer a modern and customised living space or a lucrative investment opportunity.

Ready to Secure Your Future with Off-the-Plan Buying?

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