selling a house with a mortgage | CJC Law

Selling a House with a Mortgage: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s real estate market, selling a property while it’s still under a mortgage is a common scenario. Homeowners often wonder about the process and implications of such a sale. This guide aims to provide clear and concise information, shedding light on essential steps and considerations for homeowners in Queensland

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buying apartments off the plan | CJC Law

Buying Apartments Off The Plan: 5 Key Points You Should Know

Buying an apartment off the plan involves committing to a property that has not yet been constructed. This method offers potential financial benefits and allows buyers to secure a property at today’s prices, often before the market value increases upon completion. However, it also requires careful consideration and understanding of

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can you sell a house for $1 in australia | CJC Law

Can You Sell a House for $1 in Australia? Exploring the Possibility

In an increasingly competitive real estate market, unconventional sales tactics can sometimes emerge, leading many to wonder: Can you sell a house for $1 in Australia? This question prompts a closer examination of the legal and practical aspects of real estate transactions within the country. Legal Viability of $1 House

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can you get flood insurance in a flood zone | CJC Law

Can You Get Flood Insurance in a Flood Zone in QLD?

In Queensland, flood insurance is a critical concern for homeowners, especially those residing in designated flood zones. The question often arises: “Can you get flood insurance in a flood zone in QLD?” The answer is yes, but there are several important factors to consider before securing a policy. Eligibility and

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Capital Gains Tax on gifted property | CJC Law

How Much is the Capital Gains Tax on Gifted Property in QLD?

Generosity is often seen as a virtue, but when it comes to gifting property, there can be tax implications for both the giver and receiver in Australia. Let’s delve into the specifics of capital gains tax (CGT) on gifted property. Does Gifting Property Trigger CGT? Yes, it does. While a

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capital gain tax on investment property | CJC Law

Capital Gain Tax on Investment Property in Qld: Explained

Capital gains tax (CGT) is a critical consideration for anyone investing in property in Australia. If you’re making profits from selling your investment property, understanding how CGT works is crucial to plan your finances effectively. What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? CGT is a tax levied on the profit you

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gst on property sale | CJC Law

What is GST on Property Sale in Australia?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 10% tax levied on most goods and services in Australia. However, when it comes to property sales, the application of GST isn’t always straightforward. Let’s unravel the details to understand how GST might factor into your property transaction. Existing Homes In most

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gift tax qld | CJC Law

Gift Tax Qld: A Closer Look at Potential Implications

While Australia has no federal gift tax, specific situations in Queensland can trigger taxes related to gifts, especially for property transfers. Let’s delve deeper into some scenarios: Scenario 1: Gifting a Holiday Home John owns a holiday home on the Sunshine Coast, which he wishes to gift to his daughter,

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transfer business ownership to family member australia | CJC Law

Transfer Business Ownership to Family Member Australia

Transferring ownership of a family business is a significant step for many Australian entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a carefully planned transition or a sudden shift in circumstances, understanding the process and options available is crucial. Why Family Succession Matters Family businesses form a cornerstone of the Australian economy. Passing ownership within

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transfer of property from parent to child australia | CJC Law

Transfer of Property from Parent to Child in Australia

The transfer of property between family members is a common occurrence in Australia, with reasons ranging from estate planning to providing financial assistance. However, it’s important to understand the different considerations and processes involved. Transferring to Spouse vs to Child: Key Differences There are key differences between transferring property to

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capital gains tax on gifted property in australia | CJC Law

How Does Capital Gains Tax Impact Gifted Property in Australia?

Gifting a property to a family member or a loved one can be a generous financial gesture. However, it’s crucial to understand the tax implications, even without a traditional sale. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when considering gifting an Australian property, you can potentially maximise

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transfer of property title qld | CJC Law

A Comprehensive Overview of Property Title Transfer in QLD

Transferring property title in Queensland (QLD) involves several key steps and legal considerations. Whether you are buying a new home, acquiring a property for your business, or inheriting real estate, understanding the process of transferring a property title is essential. This overview provides important information on how to handle the

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transfer property without paying stamp duty | CJC Law

How to Transfer Property Without Paying Stamp Duty

Stamp duty, a significant government tax on property transactions, can add thousands of dollars to the cost of buying or transferring property in Queensland. However, there may be ways to reduce or even avoid this hefty expense. Let’s look at some potential paths toward stamp duty relief. What is Queensland

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transfer from tenants in common to joint tenants- qld | CJC Law

The Smooth Transition from Tenants in Common to Joint Tenants in QLD

In Queensland, co-ownership of a property can be structured as either tenants in common or joint tenants. These forms of ownership significantly impact inheritance rights and potential estate planning strategies.  Transitioning from tenants in common to joint tenants can benefit some co-owners and involves a formal legal process. Understanding the

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gifting property | CJC Law

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Property

This guide explains the legal and financial implications of gifting property in Queensland (QLD), particularly focusing on gifting to children and family members, and the considerations regarding stamp duty on gifted property. Understanding Gifting Property Gifting property involves transferring real estate ownership from one person to another without monetary exchange.

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Transferring Property into Trust

Transferring Property into a Trust in Australia

Family trusts are commonly used in Australia for asset protection and estate planning. Transferring property into a trust is one way to secure assets, but understanding the legal and financial implications is essential before proceeding. Why Transfer Property into a Trust? Transferring property into a trust offers several benefits including

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transfer property to spouse qld | CJC Law

Transferring Property to Your Spouse in QLD

Transferring property to a spouse in Queensland (QLD) is a common practice, often undertaken to simplify estate planning, resolve property settlement matters after separation or manage family finances. This guide outlines the essential steps, tax considerations, and other key factors involved in transferring a house title to a spouse in

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selling a gifted property australia | CJC Law

Selling a Gifted Property in Australia

Receiving a property as a gift can have significant immediate financial benefits, yet it involves various legal and tax considerations if you plan to sell. Whether you inherited the property or received it as a gift during the giver’s lifetime, understanding the tax implications and legal requirements is essential. Deed

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how to buy property without deposit | CJC Law

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Property without a Deposit

Purchasing property without a deposit might seem daunting, but it’s possible with the right strategies and knowledge. This ultimate guide is designed to help you navigate the innovative approaches and financial solutions that can help you acquire property without the traditional upfront cash payment. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an

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selling commercial property not registered for gst | CJC Law

Selling Commercial Property Not Registered for GST

Selling commercial property when not registered for Australia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) is permissible, but it carries distinct financial implications for both sellers and buyers.  Understanding these tax nuances is crucial for maximizing profitability and avoiding potential liabilities. GST Fundamentals GST is a 10% tax applied to most goods

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buying property checklist | CJC Law

7 Points to Include in Your Buying Property Checklist 

Buying a property is a major life decision, and creating a comprehensive checklist is essential to stay organised. One of the most important items on that checklist is your budget. Let’s look at things to consider when planning your property-buying budget. #1) Set your budget When embarking on the journey

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cooling off period for seller | CJC Law

No Cooling Off Period for Seller in QLD

Selling your home in Queensland is a major decision and, unlike buyers, you don’t get a cooling-off period to change your mind. This means there’s no turning back once you sign that contract, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision before going to market. Why No Cooling-Off Period for

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how to buy multiple investment properties | CJC Law

The Art of Buying Multiple Investment Properties

Investing in real estate can be a fantastic path to building long-term wealth, but purchasing multiple investment properties requires knowledge and finesse. If you’re considering delving deeper into Australia’s property market, learn the strategies and tactics required to successfully manage a portfolio of investments. Pros and cons of buying multiple

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Transferring Property into Trust

Selling Half Share of Property 

Whether due to divorce, inheritance, or a change in financial circumstances, there are times when selling only half of a property might be the most practical solution. This unique scenario involves several legal complexities and requires strategic approaches to protect your interests and achieve your goals. Understanding Joint Ownership Joint

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selling deceased estate property qld | CJC Law

Selling Deceased Estate Property Qld

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time, and dealing with their estate can add additional complexities. Suppose you’re an executor or beneficiary tasked with selling property as part of a deceased estate in Queensland. In that case, it’s crucial to understand the legal process, tax implications, and

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selling house at auction | CJC Law

Selling House at Auction in QLD

The vibrant real estate market in Queensland (QLD), Australia, presents a unique opportunity for sellers to capitalise on the benefits of auctioning their properties. Selling a house at auction in QLD is not just a transaction but an art that involves strategic planning, understanding market dynamics, and engaging with potential

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can my parents sell me their house below market value | CJC Law

Can My Parents Sell Me Their House Below Market Value?

Purchasing your parents’ home carries potential benefits for both parties. They might offer it to you at a reduced price compared to the open market, providing you with a chance to step onto the property ladder.  However, there are crucial financial, legal, and tax implications that need consideration. Is It

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do i pay capital gains when i sell my house | CJC Law

Do I Pay Capital Gains When I Sell My House?

Selling your house can be a major financial decision, and it’s essential to understand whether the sale will trigger Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This tax applies to profits made on the sale of most assets, including property. Fortunately, there are specific exemptions and scenarios where you may avoid CGT entirely

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buying your first investment property australia | CJC Law

10 Tips on Buying Your First Investment Property in Australia

Buying your first investment property in Australia can be exciting yet daunting. The real estate market in Australia offers many opportunities for investors, but it also requires a well-thought-out strategy, thorough research, and careful consideration of various factors. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential tips

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how to buy property with your super | CJC Law

How to Buy Property With Your Super?

Buying property with your superannuation in Australia is an option through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). An SMSF is a private superannuation fund that you manage yourself, offering more control over your superannuation investments, including the ability to purchase property. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy property with

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selling your house privately legal requirements | CJC Law

Selling Your House Privately Legal Requirements in Australia

Selling your Australian home without an agent can save money, but understanding the legal side is vital.   Knowing vendor statements, contracts, and mandatory disclosures is crucial to avoid costly mistakes.   This blog post will delve into the legal requirements of selling your house privately in Australia.  We’ll cover the essentials

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property buying costs | CJC Law

Mastering Property Buying Costs: Your Guide to Smart Investments

Purchasing a property is a significant investment, and understanding the associated costs is crucial for success. Hidden fees and unexpected expenses can derail your financial plans. This guide aims to empower you with the knowledge to navigate property buying costs confidently. We’ll explore strategies to minimise expenses, negotiate effectively, and

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is buying land a good investment australia | CJC Law

Is Buying Land a Good Investment in Australia?

With Australia’s property market consistently buoyant, land investment presents an intriguing possibility.  But does it offer a sound return on investment? This article delves into the benefits and considerations of purchasing land in Australia. We’ll analyse the drivers of land appreciation potential risks and help you determine if this investment

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Zero Deposit Property Purchasing Guide

Purchasing property without a deposit might seem like a daunting task, but it’s entirely possible with the right strategies and knowledge. This ultimate guide is designed to navigate you through the innovative approaches and financial solutions that can help you acquire property without the traditional upfront cash payment. Whether you’re

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what does freehold mean when buying a business | CJC Law

The Significance of Freehold in Business Acquisition

In business acquisitions, the concept of freehold is crucial because it involves property ownership, affecting the acquisition process, operational freedom, and the financial dynamics of a business. What does a freehold business mean when buying a business? In Australia, buying a “freehold” business means purchasing both the business and the

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how to buy distressed property in australia | CJC Law

Mastering Distressed Property Purchase in Australia

Investing in distressed properties in Australia can be akin to finding a diamond in the rough. It’s a venture filled with potential gains and risks. In one instance, an investor acquired a property in Sydney at 60% of its market value, turning a significant profit after renovations.  However, the journey

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how to buy property interstate | CJC Law

How to Successfully Buy Property Interstate in Australia

Buying property interstate in Australia opens the door to a wealth of opportunities, whether you’re drawn to the iconic charm of a Queenslander close to the surf or the contemporary allure of an apartment amid Melbourne’s bustling cityscape. However, venturing into markets outside your local area introduces a unique set

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how to buy house off market | CJC Law

The Insider’s Guide to Buying a House Off Market

Forget the frenzy of open houses and bidding wars. In the hidden corners of the Australian real estate market, whispers of incredible deals and charming homes are just waiting to be discovered. Welcome to the world of off-market properties, where savvy buyers like you can skip the competition and snag

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dos and don'ts of buying rental property | CJC Law

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Rental Property in Australia

Imagine the financial security and passive income potential of owning a string of rental properties across Australia’s vibrant cities and sun-kissed beaches. But before you dive headfirst into the exciting world of rental property investment, a crucial step remains – understanding the dos and don’ts to navigate this rewarding yet

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if you buy an apartment do you own the land | CJC Law

Does Buying an Apartment Mean You Own the Land in Australia?

This fact might come as a surprise, but buying an apartment typically does not mean owning the land on which it is built.  Buying an apartment, with its promise of urban convenience and chic skylines, might seem like a surefire path to owning a piece of real estate. But it’s

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what happens when you buy a tenanted property | CJC Law

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Property with Tenants

What happens when you buy a tenanted property? Investing in a tenanted property can seem like a quick path to steady rental income, but the reality is often more nuanced. While the immediate revenue stream is enticing, purchasing a property with existing occupants presents a unique set of challenges and

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buying a house without your partner australia | CJC Law

Can You Buy a House Without Your Partner in Australia?

Buying a house without your partner in Australia can be complex yet feasible. It requires a clear understanding of legal implications and financial responsibilities.  Solo homebuying is not unheard of and might be considered under certain circumstances, such as investment purposes or personal financial strategies.  This decision should be approached

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buying a property for business use | CJC Law

5 Essential Tips for Purchasing a Property for Business

Stuck in a space that’s killing your vibe? Are you dreaming of an HQ that screams success? Hold onto your hard hat because it’s time to make that dream a reality! Buying a property for your business is a big move that sets the stage for future growth. This guide

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Can You Get Scammed Buying a House?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is yes, getting scammed when buying a house, including in Australia, is possible. Just this January of 2024, a real estate “pig butchering scam” is being investigated by the authorities, and they’re now hunting down a property swindler who bagged $8.7M with a

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types of property buyers | CJC Law

6 Types of Property Buyers: Which One Are You?

Ever dreamt of owning your own slice of paradise? Well, the journey to homeownership starts with one crucial question: what kind of property buyer are you? Are you a first-time buyer eager to plant your roots and build a life? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned investor seeking the next big

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flipping property | CJC Law

Flipping Property for Profit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Flipping properties has become a popular strategy for investors looking to make a profit. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the market, flipping properties can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. This step-by-step guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully

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Turning Opportunities into Profits: Buying Delinquent Property

Can you buy delinquent property and turn it into a profitable venture?  This question opens the door to a world of opportunities for savvy investors. The short answer to this question is yes. You can turn a delinquent property into a profitable venture. Delinquent properties, often overlooked, can be hidden

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